What theme are you working at
      The question was dropped after a long perplexed silence. A holiday friend was discovering the eighteen marbles I had just completed during the summer time and was discreetly displaying under an open shed at the back of our house –a place where I can work without being disturbed.
      Well was that friend aware of the fact I carved marble, but he thought I relied on parallelepiped blocks I would have bought, as nearly every other marble sculptor, from a quarry or, else, from some materials monger. That is why all of them have one or a few favourite subjects, as they cast their best-loved shapes into undifferentiated masses of stone, as I do experience when I tackle the blocks of clay in which my favourite subjects –such as couple, woman, ring, etc- are systematically coming out.
      His question revealed to me how perplexed that neighbour of mine was : there lay, before him, a range of singular shapes in a burst-and-splitter, all of them more or less abstract and with nothing, really nothing in common but their blue or black-veined grey marble.
      “What theme are you working at ?” None. My purpose consists in being congruent with every absolutely single natural block drawn out of the river so as to get the best of it –an inmost beauty, lying at the heart of every single wild block, it is my duty to make out and restore to itself.
      No theme indeed, but what is going to turn a lying stone, picked up among rubbish, and just as any other into a standing, beautiful and singular one; … but what is going to find in it the tensional lines, the expression of a dynamic, of a forward thrust, of an opening up … As a legacy of that summer in my work, I was to favour conveying folds and innermost recesses, concavities and undulations, which, according to their steepness, amount to as many lip shapes, feminine seductions, hence to couple in its duality.
(Translated by Michèle Bustros)

une autre Marianne h.28cm
une lecture s'envole h.28cm
flammes d'ailes h.41cm
œuvres vives h.33cm
marbres 2004