She I love embodies my desire to live
I took her in the present tense she remains in the present
Her sweet nudity dispenses light

Pure air travels even purer from her mouth to her eyes
She sees everything for me and I choose for her
The leaf at the heart of the tree and the clear spot on water

She is the tree and the leaf and brings the water to overflow
With each dawn we are together awaken to each other
And our laughter blots out the deserts of heaven

We both know evil lurks upon us
But we do not doubt the powers of love
She is my intention of living free from regrets
Of living free from sorrow of living free from death

I am sunlit because she is the sun
I love through everything I know all the roads
Leading back to her my ewe and my wool
My sister and my vigour my brotherly warmth

There is one life only wherefore it is perfect

Paul Éluard, Memories and the present time
(Translated by Michèle Bustros)