It is a customary fact that, in urban public places, water provides life, a whispering, singing or blaring presence. Dealt with as a gush, a curtain-like fall or a cascade, water is made all exteriority. Wouldn’t such bright fountains be a crowning noise and dispersal in the contemporary city rumble ? On the opposite, balanced public places, streets, concourses can be successfully generated by calm and aside counterpoints, gardens, patios where a fountain gentle song can be heard, where water becomes an intimate meditation, a secret presence in the heart of the stone, softness and rest within the city.

(Translated by Michèle Bustros)

gare de Marseille St.Charles
1984 L.4,50m pierre de Rognes

54, Bd Raspail Paris
1987 L.1,40m pierre de Rognes