Camille est née

'Camille est née'
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gréements de grâce
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le diamant
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gréément de grâce
le diamant

The words I love, lthe words of a fine understanding, of a great friendship, the words of a clear love … are those that are going to blossom out in you as a daybreak, those that are going to ripen and let you be wrought by felicity, that will be a balm on your sorrows, and that, in times of ordeal (yours, ours, mine), will take you gently by the hand to lead you to some kind of light, some kind of better aspirations; such words as would not drop you when you feel that everything is deserting you … words whose profuseness I love since it pours out of the richness of your emotionality –truly a present from life- … words yielded by each other’s happiness and that have left me stunned with gratitude since you first came, dazzled with dream when I recall them. Some might write down a poem with them, others might sing them; I utter and sculpt them : two registers of expression, one and the same disposition, one and the same way of sharing with each other.
(Translated by Michèle Bustros)