Pride as in
The hardness of a stone that makes it hard to work, The force and sturdiness conveyed by an edifice, The mood and the air of fierceness of a woman who, beyond “stringent decency”, beyond “her love for duty”, does not yield to love because of “the high esteem in which her self-content holds her beauty”, as Voltaire put it (in Philosophical Dictionary, 1764).

stone oh stone elect stone taken away from the unrest of the brook stone forever standing still swirl it is in the invisible brook of your onlookers that you will henceforth have to rumble your universal rumble     (Jean Robichez)

(Translated by Michèle Bustros)

lips and world 1983 h.22cm
inside elegance 1982 h.32cm
"life in the fold" 1980 h.36cm
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