When death tears a close relative or friend from us, we feel overridden by a requirement for words and other forms of expression that would speak well of the departed –whether a beautiful photo, an eloquent stone, or a presence-bearing sculpture … all such tangible things that make up for the absence created by death, all such relevant words capable of attending an on-going life … any true language graven on the trail of mourning and able to convey the gravity of passing life. Language has been, for a long time, the favourite resort for expressing mourning in these parts, a conformism dictated by Christian traditions; nowadays, however, some long for other forms of expressions both more personal and more meaningful. Those, to their sorrow, find it hard to do with the poor funeral customs that are now imposed on us by industrial logic and best-bidding market. Hence the question, the challenge : will they be able to find artists susceptible to what they aspire to, able to meet their feelings and convictions, and up to conveying them in a happy and potent way through a sculpture, a stone carving, a stele, a monument over a tomb ?

(Translated by Michèle Bustros)

fonderie Landowski n°1/8 1998 h.32cm