So it is that the joy thou drawest from me is such completeness. So it is that thou descended unto me. O Lord ! Master of all the Heavens, where would, in the absence of my life, thy love be ? Thou took me as thy partner in opulence. My heart is the stage where the endless game of thy delights is performed. Through my life doth thy will unceasingly take shape. Wherefore hast thou, King of kings, in beauty clad so as to enthral my heart. And wherefore doth thy love resolve itself into the love of him that loveth thee; And where the union of two is perfect, there canst thou be seen. (Tagore, The Lyrical Offering, 56)

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What godly beverage dost thou hope for, O my God, that might spill from that o’erflowing cup of my life ? Poet mine ! Is that thy delight to see your own creation through mine eyes, and from the parvis of mine ears, to silently listen to thy own divine harmony ? That universe of yours, through my mind, weaveth itself into words whose melody poureth from thy very joy. For love of me dost thou give thyself to me, and thus dost thou become aware of thy perfect sweetness. (id. 65) (Translated from French by Michèle Bustros)