marbre h.43cm 02

As a water-diviner and spring-originator , who will slowly, cautiously progress in order to intuitively sense where water flushes with the ground … and whose hand will then skilfully and patiently dig and search the earth until the spring is at last fully resurging; as a hand fortunate in its ability to gradually start a fire on a winter morning, patiently thwarting dampness, as well as peevish twigs and branches, until a fire flames up most brightly; as a lover will be able to take his time so as to little by little bring his beloved one to utter confidence and desire, so that both lengthily, lengthily, carry each other away to an acme of pleasure – a happiness whose achievement after their desires and mingled waters so lengthily winded forward. And even though, wonder of wonders, the resurging, the fire and love might be granted with disconcerting easiness and swiftness … I should say that likewise a beautiful sculpture made by my hands is to me a similar wonder of an achievement, in which a pair of eyes bewildered by the afterglow of love is all that remains of the beloved one : all that preceded – patience, tenacity, resistance, restraints and denials, feelings of failure and further resuming- all the trouble and the effort are forgotten and hushed, even though they were the very path leading to the present feeling of fortunate outcome.
(Translated by Michèle Bustros)