marble 2003 h.42cm

      What does “being classical in sculpture” mean ? Proceed according to what I feel is right, and, simultaneously find my landmarks in what I feel is most vivid and happy in Great Traditions ? Needless to repeat how I like springing from my own deliberations and desires, my seductions and my dreams, while enjoying a hand ever free.
Yet, however personal that expression may be, it relies on a culture and Traditions, what I received from those of my kind and learned … I am always mindful of acknowledging hat debt and of repaying it. Classical, then, the attention I pay to Masters in plastic arts. As was the case with the sparking off 1977 Moore exhibition in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris : I recall my releasing kick-off took place in the presence of old friend Jean Robichez, a sculptor and formidable critical connoisseur in modern art latest progress. Then came the Cyclades, Brancusi and above all Staël –in 1981- while my attraction for Rodin and Michelangelo was inversely proportional to the attention I paid to Greeks, Pre-Columbians, Africans, Prehistory … Such is my Tradition, my classicism, and I acknowledge they are free from all conformism to trendy contemporary art and its watchwords. I took into account those waves of modernity without absorbing them, while I loved exerting my feeling and reacting where great Traditions were climactically vivid and tasteful. Where, in creative faithfulness, the importance of remaining free and true to my nature can be growing.
(Translated by Michèle Bustros)