Confinding oneself
     "The world exists only in so far as it confides itself to us; and we manage to exist, be it a little, only in times when we come to terms with confiding ourselves to it" . There lied painter Shintao's amplitude according to François Cheng (in Shintao "The taste of the world").
      When I came to sculpture, late enough in my life, I had the intimate conviction that life was immensely varied in its lavishness, its generosity, its delicacy, though terribly susceptible to our misapprehensions. For instance, about beauty, about a woman’s tenderness. The world exists only through entrusting itself to us, and the unbounded confidence we reciprocate on it, measure for measure in affluence. Complex and ever-renewed harmonies are at work, and the deeper you get involved, the most acute your feeling of being too short, if not mistaken –as François Cheng put it : “that innermost, grieving feeling of one’s lack of congruence with the world, lack of congruence with oneself”. Hence, what my sculpture sought and trained for was a congruence, a chord, a harmony with what I was given to live, as well as with those that are part of me, confide themselves to me or I entrust myself to. So much can be found in my sculptures that convey harmonies trying to find themselves –serenity, through my inner disputes and beyond them.
(Translated by Michèle Bustros)      
marbre 03 h.40cm