Bronzes Landowski 1/8
- Vénus de Daum 1999
- L'empreinte
  du bonheur 1999
- L'amante 1999
- La source 2000
- L'attentive 2000
- La femme recueillie

I like my sculpture to convey a woman’s nudity that would not be possible in real life, a veiling/unveiling relying on a different approach to the conventional dealing with decency and taboos. Meaning a knack for life par excellence, a special attention to respecting and protecting people in their sensitive and vulnerable innermost being, a civil dealing with habitat and habit -both as dress and practice- that allow people to fearlessly progress in a world of their own. Dignified and restrained manner, clear vision and discriminating eyes; words in their boldness and in their hush; gestures in their cleverness and their delicacy;

every such mood and attitude liable to bring in mystery, secrecy, thus raising desire, and, as in-sight/out-of-sight, hidden/exposed are at work, allow everything to be beauty-clad. Here lies an art ever so sensitive that the slightest perversion, the slightest traumatism too, might turn the dream into a nightmare, beauty into disgust, seduction into guiltiness or cynicism –all such things that confirm the importance of growing familiar and trusting, as may be in the field of sculpture if you give place to beauty.

(Translated by Michèle Bustros)